History of law office

Law Office Munkova, Zoufaly & partners directly takes up „Prvni prazska komercni a pravni kancelar, spol. s r. o.“ (First Prague Commercial and Legal Office, Ltd), which was founded on 5th June, 1990, for providing comprehensive legal, administrative, tax and bookkeping services, and where under the direction of JUDr. Vladimír Zoufaly with experience of international trade 12 experienced lawyers from the sphere of justice and commercial-legal profession acted (mostly chiefs of legal departments of large enterprises of electronics and building industry). In 1991 JUDr. Vladimír Zoufaly became the vice-president of a society of Czech, German, Slovak and Austrian lawyers – „Karlovarske pravnicke dny“ (Karlsbad Juridical Days).

In the years 1993 – 1998

more law offices disaffiliated gradually from First Prague Commercial and Legal Office. Their personal and capital was fully terminated as per 1st January, 2000, and the collaboration of these law Office with First Prague Commercial and Legal Office has continued henceworth exclusively on the contract basis and under the terms usual among independent legal subjects.

A long-term close professional collaboration of JUDr. Vladimír Zoufaly with Mrs Prof. JUDr. Irena Pelikanova (Faculty of Law – Charles University, Prague, member of Legislative Council – Government of the Czech Republic ) ended in her coming in the Legal Office. Prof. Pelikanova at a time of her activity at the Legal Office wrote up the 5th part of the most comprehensive and in terms of a legal theory after 1990 the most significant commentary on the Commercial Code. A complex approach to problems solving in term sof knowledge of theory and praktice has been thoroughly kept also after the leaving of Prof. Pelikanova for the headquarters of the Stocks and Bonds Commission and subsequently for the European Court of First Instance in Luxemburg.

In 2002

Mrs. JUDr. Jindriska Munkova became a partner of the Legal Office. She is a specialist in matters of economic competition, until then she had acted at the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic as the director of the section of kompatibility with the EU-law, she was a member of the Legislative Council of the Czech Government and of many international expert institutions.

Since 1990

legal services have been extended to more than 2600 clients and performance exceeding 2 billion CZK has been secured for them, both in a numer of suits and in out-of-court agreements. Members of Legal Office have legally secured a realization of a number of investments for their domestic and foreign investors, both as a build-up on a „green meadow“, and or také-over of enterprises and companies.

To be specific it would be useful to mention that in 1992 the Legal Office carried out as the first – and till 2000 presumably as the only legal office – a public auction of immovable pledge for fulfilment of a compensation function of a lien.

Since 1995

the Legal Office have made a series of responsibility claims of sufferers or bankruptcy creditors in front of courts to the state, deposit banks etc.

Within representation of sufferers in in criminal suits the Legal Office have achieved the note of issue for serious economic offences among the first in the Czech Republic.

Members of the Legal Office have also a wide publication and lecture activity, they participate in creation of a range of laws and they have brought up many good lawyers.